Schiano gone too far?

Is Schiano’s tenure in Tampa done? Has he gone past the point of being able to fix his image? We all have been hearing the reports that have been coming out of Tampa about Freeman, Schiano, and the Buccaneers as an organization. When do all these reports become too much? I think it has come to that point. There have been players (Rudy Carpenter and Martellus Bennett) today that have came out and said that no one like Schiano. They both are credible to the fact that they both have ties to the organization. Carpenter used to play for the Bucs, and Bennett’s brother Michael used to play for the Bucs. They both clearly have knowledge of the situation in Tampa and know that players do not like Schiano. My gut feeling here is that it is a ticking time bomb for Schiano in Tampa. The Glazers portray the Buccaneers as a first class organization and all of this nonsense is NOT first class. First class organizations do not exile and treat players like the Buccaneers are treating Josh Freeman. What are your guys thoughts?